About Us

Dream2Career is the first career-readiness digital media company. We work with business, schools, workforce, and community groups to promote events and learning experiences at one fifth the cost of other media solutions. We are uniquely positioned to reach untapped markets 10 times more effectively than other media channels. We specialize in targeting career-focused groups including K-20 students, parents, teachers, veterans, minority, and special needs populations. 

Our Mission

Our mission is  to help students and career-seekers discover and prepare for jobs of the future. Our workforce-related marketing tools are designed to reach to students, parents, educators, veterans, and career seekers. We attract participants to all kinds of learning experiences including information sessions, hackathons, badges, certificates, degrees, mentorship, camps, museums, STEM, CTE, internships, apprenticeships, scholarships,  train-the-trainer, minority, re-entry programs and more.  We help career seekers find affordable training on-ramps that interest them and lead to sustainable careers. 

Meet Our Team

Our Board of Directors is made up of educators, parents and business professionals. We have a host of volunteers, interns and staff that are here to help your business succeed. If you are interested in joining our growing D2C team or becoming a volunteer contact us today!

Our History

Dream2Career was established in 2019 to help career seekers find pathways to sustainable careers.

In addition to workforce consulting, we provide broadcast media solutions that promote and recognize the best learning experiences in the nation:

Edu-Advisor.org: Learning Events Management Platform 

Tiolita.com: Jobs & Education News and Reviews

The company concept was developed in 2015 with a professor’s vision and with the help of her students. Many graduates felt that their education was not aligned with their interests or with the jobs that existed in their communities.  Today, there are many types of learning on-ramps that align with workforce needs, and Edu-Advisor promotes learning experiences in an  effective way. Tiolita puts business-infused content and emerging workforce training trends in front of students and career seekers so they can find and prepare for dream careers. 

 Contact Us and Let’s Ignite and Inspire Tomorrow’s Workforce Today! 


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