Our Mission

Dream2Career has a mission of helping students find affordable on-ramps to high demand and emerging industries that match their career aspirations.

As we develop our new jobs and education ecosystem launching early next year, we are uniquely focused on providing organized, reliable, and relevant information that is built to be consumed within local communities. Our media and storytelling platforms speak to students, parents, and educators; not experts in workforce or industries.

Businesses enjoy:

  • the ability to tap students into your current talent recruitment pipeline
  • effective marketability and public relations to the exact target at fraction of the cost of other solutions
  • enhanced access skilled workers able to meet entry-level job requirements
  • increased employee retention rates
  • streamlined workforce development process 

We work to remove jargon, create synergies, make structurally complex ideas relatable; all while creating a cultural shift away from 4-years degrees as the only pathway to successful careers.

Meet the Team

In addition to a fully formed Board of Directors made up of educators, parents and business professionals, we have a host of volunteers and our full-time staff.  If you are interested in joining our growing D2C team or becoming a volunteer contact us today!

We’ve worked with many great leaders along the way who have helped to shape Dream2Career’s philosophy. Our team has been creating synergies between workforce and education since 2017 through our Education Consulting group Degree2Career.

Our History

Dream2Career was established in 2019 to help students find pathways to sustainable careers. We are developing 2 new educational resources (Edu-Advisor.org: Learning Events & Program Platform and Tiolita.com: Jobs & Education News and Reviews). Edu-Advisor is in the pilot phase, Tiolita is still in development. These tools will be used in schools by students and educators starting in January. 

The entire project began in 2015 with a professor’s vision and with the help of her students. Many graduates felt that their education did not adequately prepare them for the high demand and emerging industry jobs that existed in their communities. Recently, businesses and educators started working together on work-learn programs so that students can make informed career decisions before they waste time on the wrong training programs. There are opportunities emerging, yet the average student misses many of these career exploration opportunities because they are unaware of their existence. We want to put business-infused content directly in front of students so they can be inspired to learn in the format and structure most suited to their interests. Using Dream2Career’s new tools, educators can quickly access work-based learning experiences and supplement their current curriculum. This process ignites a passion and interest in students about the future world of work and it allows educators to do what they do best–teach.

We are always open to opportunities for collaboration and partnership. Contact Us and let’s get started



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