About Us: Meet Kathy, Barb and Sue and learn about using education as a strategic talent advantage.

Meet The Team

We are successful when SMEs have the talent that they need and employees are working for companies they love.

Dr. Kathleen Houlihan

Founder & CEO

Dr. Kathleen Houlihan taught full-time at the university level for over 6 years and has worked in adult education for 20+ years. She still teaches as an adjunct because she loves the opportunity for student engagement. Her research revolves around the theory of human behavior at work and she has a Ph.D. in Organizational Management, an MBA, and B.A. in Psychology.

“We need to find what drives us through experiences so we grow to live the life of our dreams.”

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Barbara Moran

Vice-President Operations

With more than 35 years of experience in education, Barb brings an insightful and positive attitude to the team.

Susan Pritchard


Sue has the ability to troubleshoot tech problems and develop the most cost-effective solutions.

“Workers need access to organized  information about work-learn programs and events that lead to dream careers” CEO & Founder, Dream2Career