We use HIF Logic to define strengths, weaknesses, and the strength of our differences so users become the best version of themselves and live the life they always wanted.


(Systematic Solvers) Specialists are logical, systematic, problem solvers. Specialists understand how objects work and they are resourceful and gain intrinsic satisfaction from successful project completion. They are task-oriented with great attention to detail. Specialists are mechanically inclined- the Mr. or Ms. Fix-It people of the world. They usually have a knack for seeing and understanding how things operate.

Specialists hold titles like technician, contractor, or operator and work in construction, manufacturing and the trades. Other titles include architects, surveyors, beauticians, technical drafters, plumbers, laborers, millwrights, journeymen, CNC Operators, phlebotomists, mechanics, truck drivers, and technicians.


 (Truth Keepers) Protectors are the gate-keepers of information, structures, and people. They work in careers that pertain to security, protection, and privacy. They enforce the laws and develop the policy that supports constituents.  The are interested in identifying and protecting against emerging threats, including the new technological threats requiring the study of cybersecurity. Protectors make decisions based on the letter of the law. This group is trustworthy, private, and craves order.

Protectors are found in careers in cyber-security, ethical AI, law enforcement. They are civil servants, police officers, lawyers, truant officers, parole officers, security officers, detectives, correctional officers, guards, homeland security officers, senators, congressmen, and network security specialists.


(Creative Connectors) Mavens communicate, invite, lead, and gather people together. Mavens are “in the know”, they are adventurous, sales-minded, people persons. Life is all about experiences for this group. They are risk-takers. These individuals are persuasive and enjoy being around others, work well on teams, and outperform other groups when directions are vague or unclear. They see beauty in unusual places, and they are super creative. Mavens are conversationalists, and they often leap then look.

Career options include jobs involving Art, music, design, dance, communications, marketing, hospitality, tourism, entertainment, leadership, sales, and recruitment


(Empathic Researchers) Naturalists are individuals who love to care for others, embrace nature, and seek harmony in their environment. They have a love for science and doing good as it relates to humans, animals, plants, and natural resources. Naturalists, the most balanced of the mega-career clusters, use empathy to solve problems, understand beauty, and support science to learn about the world around them. This group includes educators, environmentalists, farmers and those who work in energy and conservation. It also includes people who work in labs and participate in biological research.

Naturalists work in human services and help others with physical, psychological, and emotional wellbeing. Naturalists are scientific and they work in human services, agriculture, human resources, talent development, healthcare, therapist, education, energy, nonprofits, and pharmaceuticals.


(Critical Thinkers) Visionaries see and understand the big picture. A visionary has a plan and will take calculated risks to reach a deeper understanding. This group is analytical and seeks the truth. Visionaries are entrepreneurs and forward-thinking individuals in any field. Visionaries are critical-thinkers who solve the world’s greatest challenges. Because of their analytical ability, these individuals are needed in every industry but often lack the patience or understanding to work with others.

Visionaries work in the STEM fields; science, technology, engineering, and math. They work with advanced technologies including AI, VR, the internet of things, drones, robotics, self-driving cars, bitcoin, gig economy, advances in energy, advances in medicine, and all things futuristic.


(Organized Managers) Processors are business, operational, and finance professionals. Processors manage and define resources as they develop the project scope based on input from stakeholders. They engage in the planning, managing, building, and moving of people, materials, and goods. All operations, supply chain, infrastructure planning, logistics services, facility management belong in this category.

These individuals are employed in positions as director, lead, agents, project management, clerk, financial advisor, supervisor, manager, bank teller, administrative assistant, personal assistant, customer service representative, clerk, agent, or dispatcher. They work in accounting, finance, and operations departments.