20 Dripped Microcourses  (30-Day Access)

Still trying to discover your passion? If so, this challenge will get your mind moving and help you onramp into your dream career. Our unique dripped content keeps you motivated and on track. 

15-Minute Dripped Courses: Setting your Career Goals, The Entrepreneurial Mindset, Emotional Literacy, Turning Ideas into Action, Creating Accountability, The Art of Storytelling, Resilience in Sales, Healthcare – Duty of Care, Organizing & Motivating a Team, Driving Innovation, Managing Up, Introduction to Marketing Automation, The Basics of Financial Management, Kanban in Practice, Don’t Be Afraid-Descriptive and Exploratory Data Analysis, Python for Everyone, Protected Health Information, Trenching & Excavation, Managing Supply Chain Compliance, Data Protection

Bonus Courses: Wi-Fi Security, Introduction to Excel – Advanced Formulas, Dealing with Uncertainty

10-MicroDrips, Free Marketing Space, Startup Community

Are you feeling alone in the world? Want to join other founders experiencing similar growing pains? Looking for ways to promote your product/services for free? Join D2C’s startup community where you’ll have the opportunity to practice, promote, and succeed.  

Free Marketing: Using D2C’s HIF marketing schedule, promote your products/services to industries, in our partner network, two times per year with no affiliate fees; keep 100% of the profits.

Monthly Webinars: Learn what works and what doesn’t from your peers. Find out about emerging technologies including AI, the internet of things, as well as off the grid solutions.

Recharging Travel Experiences: Participate in quarterly travel opportunities with other founders to collaborate, relax, and recharge.

**Innovation is born in these spaces.**

15-Minute Dripped Microcourses:

Introduction to Marketing Automation

Content Marketing
Harnessing the Power of AI
Creative Thinking
Creating Accountability
Time Management in Projects
Developing a Budget (Cost Estimating)
The Power of Teamworking
Building Trust & Respect
The Basics of Financial Management

Fast, easy, and fun dripped microcourses. Keep your mind sharp by consuming a healthy diet of learning for 15 minutes per day. Build confidence and understanding so you can make informed personal and professional financial decisions. (Applied Financial Management and Compliance Management Certificates upon successful completion.)

Need an Educational Advisor?

Individual Microcourses

Choose any micro-course for $50/user – (3-month access)

Choose 10 micro-courses for $399/user – (3-month access)


Gamified Automation Daily + Learning Community

Learning communities bring people together, inspire growth, seed new ideas, and create engaging opportunities for collaboration

Users will be drip-enrolled in 240+ micro-courses written by subject matter experts covering topics in compliance, sales, marketing, analytics, leadership, teamwork, and motivation.

Beginning the first of the month 

  • 1-2 Micro-courses are dripped daily Monday-Friday throughout the year.
  • Each course is available for 3 days to keep users on track.
  • Compete with classmates for prizes, bragging rights, and swag.
  • Network with business leaders, work together on projects, even travel together using our exclusive partner network.
  • Engage in gamified micro-courses to make learning fun!

Users will be drip-enrolled in 20+ micro-courses in monthly topics such as  compliance, sales, marketing, analytics, leadership, teamwork, and motivation. While enrolled, users will have access to the network and prizes just like the users who enroll for the year. 

Gamified Automated Delivery + Learning Community

$30/user charged monthly until cancelled. 

Customized Micro-Courses + Automation + Learning Community

Access 600+ courses; including courses offered in Spanish. All courses are written by SMEs and provide unforgettable learning experiences that create motivated, productive employees who exceed expectations in the workplace.

Create your own automation schedule

  • Access 600+ courses written and designed by SMEs, including courses in Spanish
  • Unlimited access to gamified micro-courses to make learning fun!
  • Create your own automated micro-course schedule
  • Network with fellow SMBs, work together on projects, even travel together using our exclusive partner network.
Dream2Career - Learning is Living

The D2C team was willing and able to address our concerns in a highly collaborative manner, which was very helpful and appreciated. I was able to apply what I learned from day one.

Tom H – Manufacturing 

We will continue to leverage education to make our employees’ pathway easier, happier, and productive in the workplace. This new strategy is helping us become trend setters. 

Jonny B. – Transportation

Using D2C’s HIF Logic, we were able to  standardize our training schedule which helped to cut costs, increase accountability, and reduce employee turnover. 

Renee C. – Healthcare