About Us

About Us:
Dream2Career pioneered the 15-Min MicroDrip in Talent Development. We effectively use education to attract, retain, and inspire the workforce of tomorrow. Our strategy is convenient, worker-centered, gamified, and produces 10X ROI.
Staffing & Recruitment: Dream2Career operates nationally as a partner in the largest network of search firms in the United States with over 1,500 recruiters with representation from every industry.  This partnership allows us to offer a one-stop shopping experience for businesses looking to fill direct hire, temporary, contract-to-hire, and staffing positions from entry-level to the executive level.
Talent Development: Dream2Career is uniquely focused on helping companies to use education as a strategic advantage so workers feel valued and understand their contribution to the business.  Using this philosophy, and our HIF Logic, we help businesses enhance human performance and quality of life.
Our Mission
We are successful when:
  • Businesses have a workforce made up of motivated employees that exceed expectations and excel at all KPIs.
  • Employees have easy access to on-ramps and experiences that lead to dream careers.
  • Communities work effectively, share resources, and have a common purpose.
Our History
Dream2Career partners with organizations like Credential Engine and Columbia Montour AVTS to solve the work-learn problem. D2C participates in on-going workforce development research and innovation projects like George Washington University’s NCRN collaborative and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s T3 initiative. In the past, we participated in notable projects including Shaping the Workforce project at Stanford University and Bloomberg’s Tomorrow’s Talent project. Dream2Career, also, graduated from YC Startup School Incubator program.
Our unique process highlights experiences to help users find, prepare, and upskill into their dream careers, consequently, producing motivated employees who want to work hard and succeed.
The idea for Dream2Career came about in 2015 with a professor’s vision and with the help of her students. Career seekers are unsure of what they want to do and with over one million credentialing options available, it is impossible to know which program is best.  Dream2Career is uniquely positioned to align the needs of the worker with best-fit learning experiences to help them succeed in learning and in life.