Dream2Career Accepted into Y-Combinator Startup School

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Dream2Career Startup Acceptance

Dream2Career was accepted into Y-Combinator’s Fall Startup Class. Dream2Career recently launched Edu-Advisor, The Ultimate Training Companion, which helps students and career-seekers find and prepare for dream careers. Because Edu-Advisor offers a transformational concept in the work-learn space, the admissions office at Y-Combinator gladly admitted Dream2Career into its prestigious Bootcamp-style program.

Y-Combinator has funded many successful startups in their early stages including Airbnb, Stripe, DoorDash, and Dropbox. Based in Silicon Valley, CA they have one of the largest and most collaborative alumni networks in the industry. This community creates an environment that is conducive to learning and it supports new founders with every aspect of the start-up business. Dream2Career’s founder, Dr. Kathleen Houlihan who has over 20 years of experience in education says, “I have never experienced a more supportive and inspiring group of educators. I am certain that Dream2Career will be successful as a direct result of being involved with the Y-Combinator ecosystem.”

Dream2Career offers consulting services for businesses, schools, and workforce development teams on how to create synergies between workforce and education. Dream2Career has a mission that is focused on helping students find on-ramps to learning experiences leading to high demand and emerging careers. We match student interests with career learning opportunities.

Edu-Advisor is designed to promote learning events and programs that lead to sustainable careers. Users can simply learn about careers that might be of interest them by attending work-based events and programs offered in their communities. More businesses and educators are working together to develop career-readiness programs that help students identify pathways to sustainable careers. Working with insights from industry experts and educators, Edu-Advisor compiles training information and distributes the content in schools and within communities across the nation.

We post events in Edu-Advisor such as Camps, Career Fairs, Job Shadowing, Travel Experiences, Skills Competitions, Hackathons, Career or College Prep, Educational and Historic Tours, Lectures, Webinars, Tutoring, Exam Prep, Gaming, Podcasts, Escape Rooms, and Scavenger Hunts.

We post programs in Edu-Advisor such as Incubators, Certificates, Badges, Internships, Apprenticeships, Associates, Bachelors, Career Coaching, Mentorship, Scholarships, On-The-Job Training, Franchising, and Hire a Successor Projects.

In celebration of our success, we are offering businesses, educators, and workforce development groups the opportunity to post learning events and programs and save 10% off all posting fees by using PROMO CODE: YCombinator before September 25, 2019. Go to Dream2Career.org to register your learning experience. 

Contact Us with questions or if you are interested in partnering to enhance the world of opportunity within your community.

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