The Buzzing Marketing Strategy that Generates Leads

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All of the FANNG companies used the educational system to launch their tech empires. Facebook was able to launch it’s network successfully in schools. Amazon by selling textbooks, was able to launch successfully in schools. Even Apple launched by creating computers and marketing them in schools. Netflix and Google also engaged in developing their products for and with students.

Following the logic of these leading brands, how can you successfully reach a new customer base and add value to your brand? Launch career-focused projects working with schools. You may not have a product that quickly translates to the academic world but there is one opportunity that all companies have that will break barriers and establish your brand in the educational environment and that is career-focused educational experiences.

Because you have a business to run and you can’t dedicate all of your time and resources to marketing future career opportunities in schools, Dream2Career created a platform that makes quick, easy, and cost-effective connections for you.  Our platform organizes and promotes your student-relevant programs such as badges, internships, camps, career fairs, lectures, job shadowing, hackathons, mentorships programs, and other training-based collaboratives in schools across the nation.

If you don’t have any workforce programs or events, don’t worry D2C has your back. Simply create a training recommendation and benefit by promoting your brand, your innovations and your career opportunities to the local student market. Using Dream2Career’s platform, you will effectively reach parents, students, and educators driving them to your community and career pages; forever embedding your brand’s value in the minds of these new customers.

Dream2Career’s mission is to help students find on-ramps to sustainable careers and we are thrilled that workforce development has become a marketing buzzword.  Businesses are benefiting with access to new customers, fresh marketing content, and a new talent pipeline. Students are gaining access to brands and careers that they never knew existed. These collaboratives are changing communities and preparing students for the future world of work. Join us: Ignite and inspire tomorrow’s workforce TODAY!



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