Now Businesses Can Help Students Discover Sustainable Careers

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Approximately 26 percent of businesses have developed effective job-seeker on-ramps to sustainable careers within their industries. However, this number will need to increase significantly if businesses want to be able to succeed in the future If your business offers internships, hackathons, mentorship, job-shadowing, career fairs, expos, on-the-job training, or any type of work-learn program, join us and help to create the next generation workforce. Dream2Career shares your work-learn programs in an organized and effective way; reaching students and career-seekers across the nation. 

Businesses continually struggle with the skills gap issue, which is pervasive in the trades and other high demand industries. Ongoing efforts by those in the workforce community are providing a foundation for a new work-learn ecosystem where students are beginning to graduate career-ready and are able to fill available positions.

In order to bring the workforce programs and ideas to the educational community and to help students understand emerging career opportunities, the new D2C Directory was developed. This crowd-funded work-learn solution allows businesses to recommend and promote programs directly to those individuals seeking regional work. The filters in the D2C Directory are designed to help students engage with and understand the demands of each career before they waste time and money on the wrong training program.

The D2C directory is backed by psychology it helps match career aspirations with regional career opportunities.  This directory replaces word-of-mouth advertising with a much more effective method; one that
reaches job seekers who are interested in your type of business. Students can search for the types of information that means the most to them such as, introductory salary, job location, training length, cost,
or format.

Job seekers select from the Six Mega clusters; mavens, naturalists, organizers, protectors, specialists and visionaries which are aligned with the 16 career clusters developed by the States Career Cluster
Initiative. The new D2C Directory offers a user-friendly on-ramp and it provides recommendations, programs and events about work-learn projects.  The solution helps to filter, organize and validate programs and it shares this information freely with school districts across the nation.

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