Dream2Career developed a student-centered solution that helps users identify on-ramps to sustainable careers based on recommendations from industry leaders and educators. Now, students can find information about educational experiences and programs offered locally that align with their career interests. Access Edu-Advisor and find an educational ecosystem that is cost-effective, easy to use, and most of all, it helps students succeed.  

The platform will always remain free for students, parents, and educators. Organizations that wish to post recommendations, programs, or events will pay a nominal fee for each listing. The intention is to keep the posting costs down so that small businesses have the opportunity to list their training recommendations and educational experiences too.  Consequently, most of the jobs created come from small businesses in towns across the nation, not the large companies that we read about every day.

Using this radical redesign Edu-Advisor is able to reach students with the right information so they find the programs that match their career aspirations. We point students to all possible educational on-ramps including things like on-the-job training, apprenticeships, certificates, badges, licenses, associates, and bachelors degrees, not to mention unique experiences like franchising, incubators, and business succession opportunities. We help students find funding for schools and we categorize educational exploration activities like job shadowing, camps, hackathons, career expos, competitions, mentorship programs, and educational adventures. Users can quickly find real-time, organized, solutions to career-related training questions from local industry experts.

We would love to partner with your organization and your community to help students succeed, feel free sign up at Dream2Career or learn more by contacting us.

Kathy Houlihan

Dr. Kathleen Houlihan is the CEO & Founder of Dream2Career, which helps students and career-seekers find and prepare for dream careers. Prior to starting Dream2Career, Kathy was a full-time marketing professor, a student advocate, and an enrollment director for three universities. She has served on various academic, financial and policy boards. For over 20 years her mission has been to create synergies between workforce and education that help to lead students to sustainable careers.


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