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For those interested in working in healthcare but not enduring years of study, they should consider a career as a Medical Device Specialist. PrepMD, offers one of the most innovative and effective Medical Device Specialist programs in the nation.  The program can be completed in 6 months; 2 months of online training followed by 16 weeks of in-person training and rotations at some of the best Boston healthcare systems and clinics. PrepMD’s training program has an impressive 98% placement rate with an average starting compensation package of $84K per year. Licensed by the Massachusetts Division of Professional Licensure, the PrepMD Training and Placement Program offers students an excellent career pathway for anyone interested in an on-ramp to the medical field.

A career as a medical device specialist is an option if:

  1. You want to work in a field that fulfills your passion for improving lives
  2. You seek a challenging and a fast-paced environment
  3. You want to work alongside respected professionals and have opportunities to present as an expert
  4. You want to be rewarded for your intelligence, work ethic, positive attitude, and teamwork

The usage of medical devices in hospitals is increasing as innovations make these products more pervasive.  Because of the aging population and the increase in cardiovascular disease, more researchers are studying and developing medical devices, consequently, creating more jobs and more opportunities for young people. According to PR Newswire, major medical companies, like Johnson & Johnson, Abbott, and Medtronic are investing in and developing medical device products; projecting that it will be a $400 Billion Industry by 2023. Getting involved in this emerging industry will provide a tremendous opportunity for growth and it will position students for jobs of future.

Finding a quality academic program for this emerging industry can be a challenge for students. Because the content is rapidly advancing, it is important to find programs that offer access to the best medical teams in the nation. Experts in the field will be aware of industry innovations and they will provide the greatest access to learning. Not only is PrepMD networked with the best hospitals affiliated with Harvard and Tufts, but PrepMD cares about their students’ futures; continuing to offer strong networking and support for alumni years after graduation.  In a PrepMD 2019 Alumni survey 67% of respondents reported earning at least $131K 5 years from graduation. The access and care provided by PrepMD makes them a leader in quality and innovation at preparing students for jobs of the future.

PrepMD tuition is $31.5K including books and fees and specifically prepares graduates to work with cardiac rhythm management devices and cardiac electrophysiology mapping procedures which are included in the discussion above as the largest and fastest growing segments within the cardiac field.

PrepMD was founded in 2009 by two experts in the cardiac device industry, Matt O’Neal and Bob Mattioli when they identified a growing need to find skilled cardiac device specialists. PrepMD was originally a training service designed to prepare students to meet the needs of employers, but soon grew to include cardiac staffing services to improve access and retention to a qualified talent pool.

When choosing an academic program, it is critical to consider outcomes. Knowing and hearing from graduates of the program can help to ensure that your time and money are going to be well spent. Fortunately, PrepMD offers the opportunity to connect with former students. We highly recommend taking advantage of this opportunity. Not only does it help to hear from former students directly, it is possible that a mentor, mentee relationship can be developed from the interaction.

Dream2Career was not compensated for this program review. The relationship between Dream2Career and PrepMD developed from an interest in helping students to access alternative on-ramps to dream careers. This shared passion is helping to enhance the world of education for the next generation.  If you have a program that is helping students succeed, contact us so we can share your story.

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