Dream2Career, LLC works with small and medium-sized businesses to build site-based learning programs and manage educational benefits. Our solutions create a sense of community that increases innovation and diversity of thought for socially responsible businesses that want to build the workforce of tomorrow.

Horizontal Industry Framework (HIF)

The Horizontal Industry Framework (HIF) allows schools, businesses, and workforce groups to develop policy, purpose, funding, and curriculum that supports tomorrow’s workforce. The HIF inspires personal growth, creates a sense of belonging, and provides a common language that creates a stronger, more integrated, work-learn ecosystem. Businesses that utilize the HIF will experience an increase in production, innovation, and retention in their workforce, as well as, a 2.8x ROI. 

Dream2Career platforms are built on the Horizontal Industry Framework (HIF), which allows for targeted messages in a cluster-focused way. Individuals from all genders, races, ages, classes, and communities can converge around similar career interests. Our learning communities are built to be engaging and to help families and communities thrive. We want to inspire the next generation by uncovering opportunities for education and growth. 

More information about  the National Workforce Recovery Plan can be found at: www.nc-ra.org

The Horizontal Industry Framework (HIF) is built upon the career clusters identified by the Department of Education to filter the 1100+ jobs identified by the Department of Labor. The HIF framework can be placed on top of any digital platform. Contact us for more information.