Trending Women Tech Startups: Dream2Career develops the Amazon for Education

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There is a desperate need for an interest matching solution for education like Amazon’s marketplace for products.  Dream2Career, a women-owned tech startup, is working on this problem for students and career-seekers across the nation. There are so many different types of programs and learning opportunities, traditional and non-traditional pathways, certificates, badges, camps, hackathons, apprenticeships, internships, incubators, scholarships, etc. that students can’t easily find the best learning program for them without having to review multiple websites and pages of information. Students have wasted hours researching, using dreaded search engines, to find experiences only to miss the best learning opportunities leading to high demand and emerging careers.  The complexity of the educational system makes interest and opportunity matching extremely difficult without a dedicated search tool.

Furthermore, educational institutions are forced to spend up to 6% of their operating budget on marketing which includes buying keywords that consequently, result in fewer and fewer additional prospective student views of their educational programs. The lack of an integrated network results in rising tuition costs, less student satisfaction, and decreased retention rates. The net result is under-educated communities that fail to meet the needs of local businesses.

The nation needs a work-based learning network that is designed, specifically to pinpoint and match user interests and requirements with local learning experiences designed for them. Dream2Career worked with students, educators, businesses, and the D&I community to design the Edu-Advisor platform where users can find categories of interest and quickly locate learning on-ramps and experiences. Dream2Career is also offering users the opportunity to sign up today and receive future updates about local learning experiences that match career interests. Dream2Career is also designing an Edu-Advisor app, but until then, it is best to subscribe here to keep up to date and to start living your dream life.

Imagine a world where learning experiences were organized based on interests and where the system made recommendations of similar learning opportunities. How cool would this solution be? Enter the keywords or searchable fields organized into six mega clusters, and have access to local events and programs that put students, parents, educators and career-seekers on pathways to success. No longer would there be a need to find the company and then hope they have a learning program for you to get your foot in the door. No longer would there be a need to pick a school and then hope they have your major or program of interest. No longer would families struggle to find fun and educational places to go and things to do together. Communities would begin to work on discovering, growing, and thriving as they work towards a common goal–Prosperity through education and connection!


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