Should We Unplug or Iterate?

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Should we unplug or iterate?

In a world where “if it’s on the internet, it must be true” there seems to be little hope of unification. We are so entrenched in our positions that all reason goes out the window. I am worried about the next generation. How do we help communities thrive when we are attached to our devices only to prove a point to ourselves? I’ve begun to unplug from my device and I already feel more focused. I am beginning to remember all of the good times that I had with my friends before my addiction. I am remembering life before I had to know all the political “facts” and before I obsessed about finding support for my perspective.

It is very unlikely that we, as a society, will officially unplug from our devices. Technology continues to provide major conveniences and benefits that save us time and make us more efficient at completing tasks. Digital devices also keep our minds busy when we are waiting in line or if we just need a break from work or our studies.

Instead of advocating for device removal for our society, I suggest that we use the idle time on our mobile phones for good deeds. Just like giving to the food bank or supporting a local cause, we can support a community of learning. You can participate by sharing your knowledge and your expertise about industry-specific careers and learning pathways. You know a lot about these things and you likely share this information antidotally in conversation. We are suggesting that instead of sharing your political views on social media, share great career-related insights. We promise that it will get you more likes and more readership with fewer bouts of depression or fights with your mates.

Dream2Career developed the first social media platform where you can share organized, relevant information with your local community about jobs and education. Your readers can participate and learn from your experiences and advice. Imagine a digital community built with hope and understanding about the future world of work. You can show the next generation how communities operated in the past when we made connections that were meaningful with a handshake and a smile. Working together, we can unite and connect in the virtual and the physical world. It will be great when, despite our differences, we can help communities thrive.

Dream2Career is interested in hearing your thoughts as Edu-Advisor is developed. Contact Us with insights and ideas on our new platform and about how we can make your community a better place to live, learn, and work.

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