Every story is written from an angle. Our only angle is to ensure that students are not taken advantage of by the system and that they are provided with the best on-ramps to sustainable careers. Dream2Career writes stories that help students find and prepare for dream careers. We can’t do it alone, we need insights from industry professionals who understand the nuances of each specific industry. Business leaders can recommend workforce-aligned schools, majors, programs and events offering career exploration and preparation matching future needs.

Once this information is collected, Dream2Career organizes and shares business-led insights with students and educators across the nation. We want to write more stories about real solutions that align with emerging industries like the internet of things and artificial intelligence. We also want to allow small business professionals and entrepreneurs to have a stronger voice in creating the workforce of the future. An African proverb states, “It takes a village”. Let’s come together and change the lives of children in our communities.

Dream2Career is a company of educators. We understand that teachers are not the problem but as innovation changes the business environment, teachers need opportunities to engage with the future world of work. Teachers work tirelessly, often for very little money, to help students succeed. For this reason, we are not working with the political climate. We do not want to create a system of extensive regulation. These regulators are robbing our classrooms of the creativity our nation desperately needs.

Therefore to help educators and students connect with businesses, we created a tool called the Edu-Advisor. Edu-Advisor promotes business recommendations and collaboratives in an organized way. Students and educators can filter through relevant content to find the best matches relating to career aspirations. This free resource helps teachers align workforce agendas with the curriculum and projects that they have already designed for their classrooms. In essence, we give the power back to the educator to do what they do best—inspire and teach our next generation workforce.

Join the Rope of Hope Campaign –5 million voices impacting 56 Million Students. Do it for your students, do it for your community.

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Dream2Career | Improving Quality-of-Life

Dream2Career, LLC, a women-owned startup, offers Quality-of-Life Employee Benefits to small and medium-sized businesses. The company's suite of dynamic products is built on an intelligent platform, using the Horizontal Industry Framework (HIF) which creates a sense of community, increases innovation, and integrates diversity of thought into the company culture so that businesses can recruit and retain the workforce of tomorrow.


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