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Micro-Drip Learning

First of its kind, Dream2Career created Micro-Drip Learning to provide a speedy and simplified way to consume knowledge daily. There are no courses to find, schedules to meet, or effort to expend to make learning new things fun and engaging. All content is developed by subject matter experts and includes valuable information that will help members develop personally and professionally. The Micro-Drip Learning community provides the “college experience”; bringing people together who work in various industries to collectively engage in learning and living. It helps members to understand strengths, weaknesses, and the strengths of our differences. The environment provides a sense of belonging and provides discounts on travel and events.

How it Works

The course content, dripped daily Monday- Friday, includes content on Sales & Marketing, Leadership & Team Building, Administration & Trades, Safety & Compliance, Finance & Analytics, Management, Health & Personal Growth, Innovation, and Customer Relations. Each 15-minute microcourse contains 5 multiple choice questions and leaders will be rewarded with prizes and recognition. To ensure the content does not become overwhelming, courses will only be accessible for 3 days. If it is not consumed by the member, the course will be removed from the member’s list. This automation process keeps learners on track and excited about receiving new content each day. Creating course time limits is vital to the learning process; to avoid procrastination and to ensure learning success.

Why Micro-Drip Learning is Important

According to a 2023 Gallup Poll, there has been $8.8 Trillion in lost productivity due to employee disengagement worldwide. Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine reported that loneliness continues to increase as we continue to disconnect from the world around us. The world has turned away from valuing education which has made the world disconnected, disengaged, and unhappy. The only information collectively consumed currently is the news which contains far too much hate, violence, and politics; none of which are conducive to building a productive society.

We need to change the subject, incorporate new ideas, and find concepts that unite us. Collective learning, using Micro-Drip Learning provides shared experiences that make the world happier and engaged with solutions and innovations that drive the World forward. Learning is living and Micro-Drip Learning is the avenue to making this a reality.


Dream2Career provides the best-in-class service in the human capital industry, helping to promote business growth and change by using education as a strategic advantage. We staff high-demand entry to mid-level positions with candidates who exceed expectations in the workplace.


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