Think Local – Hire Local

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Businesses are seeking talent for vacant positions.  Why not consider hiring the person who is bagging your groceries or someone who holds the door for you? We come in contact with great people everyday, yet we turn to job boards to determine who we might employ. Instinctually, we know a good person when we meet them and for entry-level positions and, maybe, mid-level positions it might be more beneficial to your company and your community to think local.

If you need specialized training or skills for your employees turn to the education providers in your community. These local training providers will serve you better and for a fairer price then  “big-box, little content” degree mills that steal, money from the student and the opportunities from your community. If you work with the local education providers, they will help you to create a workforce pipeline that will serve your needs in the future and they will reduce your talent acquisition costs and even improve employee retention rates.

Try contacting your local workforce development teams and even get involved with projects in your community. Local groups offer community-based projects that are reimagining talent development and provide win-win solutions that benefit the employee and the employer.

Technology is cool, but it is only one of many tools that solve the worlds problems. Dream2Career believes that companies should start using collective impact solutions to bring back small town America.  This means using data, but also using logic and intuition. If something makes sense, it doesn’t need to be backed by years of research. It’s time to step back from technology and find new ways to inspire hope and innovation in the next generation workforce.

If you would like to discuss collective impact opportunities for your organization, contact Dream2Career.

Dream2Career (D2C) is a women-owned RPO agency that reimagines talent acquisition and optimizes the system for candidates and employers. D2C provides human-centric solutions that filter-in candidates who exceed expectations in the workplace.

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