Rudy Ruiz: Leading K-20 Visionary

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It is an exciting time to be working in the education industry because solutions are emerging that are bringing opportunity to schools across the nation. One of the reasons for this innovation boom is because of great educational leaders, like Rudy Ruiz. By spearheading these efforts, Ruiz is making a difference in his home state of Maryland and these visionary solutions are being replicated in other states, which is positively impacting a growing number of student success stories.

Visionary Leader in Education

Visionary Leader in Education, Rudy Ruiz

Rudy Ruiz is a Partner at FourPoint Education Partners and the former Chief Education Officer of the Maryland Business Roundtable for Education. He and his team developed an amazing student-focused mobile app called Way to Be. This innovative solution helps students learn from experts about high demand and emerging industries and it helps them to find on-ramps that match their interests to aspirational careers. This app is being adopted by the Maryland School Districts and is currently being upgraded to include relevant information that applies to other states. This project is one of many that Ruiz has on his agenda for bringing access and opportunity to students across that nation.

Because of his experiences and his background, Rudy is on a mission to make the world a better place.  He is particularly interested in helping to inspire disadvantaged youth because he personally experienced opportunities and challenges that shaped his beliefs, while growing up in a poor minority neighborhood in Milwaukee.  He was fortunate to have a strong family full of love that supported him, even during the most difficult times. He says, “I have spent the past 18 years in the classroom, in school leadership, in district leadership, in state leadership, and now supporting communities nationally, to close these equity gaps in access and opportunity to high-quality educational experiences and outcomes.” His experiences and personal understanding of their struggles, gives him the strength and tenacity to continue pushing forward. His ability to endure, while continuing to reaffirm his beliefs, are what bring about innovation and progress.

One can’t help but to be inspired by his passion and get-it-done attitude.  Rudy Ruiz is a true visionary who continues to enhance the world of education for the next generation.


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