Offer Low-Cost Educational Benefits that strengthen your workforce and provide an effective POST-COVID recruitment strategy

Dream2Career Offers a Post-COVID Hiring Strategy

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Let’s face it, people are not returning to work Post-COVID. We all want life to get back to normal, but there are many challenges that are preventing employees from returning to the workforce. 

Employers are looking for ways to:

  • Reward those who stayed on in the workforce
  • Find motivated entry-level talent
  • Reduce hiring costs
  • Inspire their current workforce
  • Increase ROI

Dream2Career, LLC (D2C) developed a Post-COVID recruitment plan that will help to inspire the next generation and help businesses to find and grow their workforce. D2C looks at this problem differently than any other hiring group and they understand the complexities that employers and employees are facing.

Dream2Career now offers affordable, job embedded, online degree programs in collaboration with accredited colleges. They use a distance education model to upskill your current workforce by offering training that perfectly aligns with employers’ workforce needs.

Because the credits are offered by an accredited school, employees can use Federal funding to reduce corporate training costs. This program attracts best-fit talent by providing a new hiring upskill incentive for prospective employees.
This learning community will provide an innovative culture for maximum impact and significant ROI.

D2C uses the Horizontal Industry Framework (HIF) to re-invent the work-learn space and to help businesses thrive. They help businesses find and hire employees who perfectly fit the needs of entry-level positions and upskill current employees who add value to the bottom-line.

The D2C mission is to integrate the HIF so that schools, businesses, and workforce groups can collaborate on talent development to offer win, win, win solutions that positively impact communities. Their goal is to help students and displaced workers find on-ramps to dream careers.

They help organizations create communities that embrace diversity of thought, increase innovation, and make communities stronger through a shared vision of success!

If you have a business that is looking for an effective recruitment strategy post-COVID, contact Dream2Career to reinvent your hiring practices by using a simplified, streamlined process that gets results.

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