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New Educational Tool for Work-Learn Synergies

Dream2Career created a new educational tool that allows hiring managers to post recommendations that help students find and prepare for dream careers. Businesses that want to serve their communities are quickly seeing the benefits of this new platform. For only $29.95 hiring managers can create a talent request and recommend schools, majors, events or programs that match entry-level positions. This information is organized and shared with educators and students across the nation. Students are then able to tap into the industry-specific workforce pipelines and programs while being shielded from online scams.

 Job-Seekers Beware!

Job boards have become pervasive, yet most offer few legitimate career opportunities and are the new way of scamming desperate career-seekers into giving up personal information. These deceptive practices have exacerbated identity theft and have done little to help students find sustainable careers.

Most businesses are doing their part to help students avoid job boards by participating in career fairs, offering internships, presenting at schools and even working with schools to enhance curriculum. Unfortunately, these opportunities don’t reach students and parents with a great enough frequency to impact the decision-making process for youth.

Finding a Needle: Student Options are Limited

When I was a student, I could look in the newspaper and see who was hiring in my town. Now with the internet, job boards make us feel that there are millions of jobs locally. The bait and switch process used by many job boards does little to help students navigate the system. These trolling platforms show headings for jobs and then when clicked, you find that the job is not even in the vicinity of your town. In too many cases, the jobs are not even available anymore, they make students provide personal information and pay fees just to access career information. This process should not sit well with anyone. 

A student’s one remaining option might be to go to the businesses websites directly. Who has the time to investigate every website of every business in a specific region, let alone the 28 million+ businesses in the U.S.? Students need a way to limit and organize career information so they can find and prepare for dream careers. Dream2Career now offers a new free solution to educators, students, and career-seekers. Students can find entry-level salary information, and direct links to the appropriate hiring information provided directly by the hiring managers at each specific firm.

In the past, students were guided by teachers, counselors and parents but depending on the environment, this left some students with limited opportunities. Hearing only a few voices does not sufficiently cover all career options and rarely leaves students understanding what is best for them. Because of advances in artificial intelligence, healthcare, green energy, and the internet of things even the most well-educated person could struggle see all of the emerging career opportunities that will exist in the next few years. As industries workforce needs change, businesses can simply add to the entry-level training recommendations in their listing so students will be graduating matching workforce needs.

We say that students are lazy and lack motivation, but I truly believe students are uninspired and confused. There are more depressed students than ever before. These feelings are nothing like what we knew as children. Our lives were simple, “ignorance was bliss”.  Students today see opportunities all around them, yet they have little to no guidance on how they might obtain these opportunities. This leads to feelings of hopelessness and despair. However, as we start to work together using the D2C Directory, students and career-seekers will be able to see pathways to their goals and communities will start to flourish. 

Businesses Can Impact on 56.6 Million Students

Dream2Career is beginning make a difference in Philadelphia, but we need your help if we want to reach students across the nation. We need your insights and your specific career-related recommendations so we can help all students find and prepare for dream careers. Students need to hear voices from business leaders, talent professionals and even those still on their own professional journeys so they can figure out how to achieve success. Join us because working together we will have the greatest impact on our next generation workforce! 

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