We are committed to keeping your information safe and under your control. Here are your rights as they pertain to the information that we collect.
Right to Know:
You have the right to request to see the data we collected pertaining to you as required by law. To request your information email khoulihan @ with “Right to Know” in the subject line.
Right to Delete:
You have the right to request that your information be deleted from our system at any time with the exception of information pertaining to relevant regulations.  To request your information be deleted, email khoulihan @ with “Right to Delete” in the subject line. 

Right to Opt Out:
You have the right to request that we as a business do not share or sell your personal data to any third party with the exception of any regulations. To request we not share your information  email khoulihan @ with “Right to Opt Out” in the subject line. 

You may contact our office at 570.779.9359 with questions regarding privacy.