ODL Experiential Co-Ops create a fixed-cost talent option of “try before you buy” to assess skillset, motivations, and cultural fit for your organization 

credentials save money

Onramp talent acquisition costs are fixed, effective, and provide precise access to talent pipelines matching future professional and skilled labor requirements.

Using the education through ODL co-ops create a talent pool made up of educated, innovative, and diverse employees who exceed expectations and excel at all KPIs.

Employees that have access to educational resources and quality of life benefits are happy and stay in the workplace, positively impacting the entire team.

Our Mission

Operation Dream Landing’s (ODL) mission is to partner with local businesses and learning providers to offer experiential co-ops, extended learning services, and resources that will attract, retain, and inspire best fit talent for NEPA businesses.

We are Successful When:

  • Businesses have a talent pool made up of educated, innovative, and diverse employees that exceed expectations and excel at all KPIs.
  • Students and displaced workers have easy access to on-ramps and experiences that lead to dream careers.
  • Communities work effectively, share resources, and have a common purpose.

HIF Logic - Dream2Career's Competitive Advantage

HIF Logic – Personality Career Match provides a cost-saving, coordinated strategy to attract, retain, & inspire workers who reach production goals and positively impact the team. We use the Horizontal Industry Framework (HIF) which aligns with the Department of Education and the Department of Labor frameworks.

  • New Pathways Staffing Process for Entry-Level Roles
  • HIF Logic Pathways Strategy
  • Innovative Career Exposure Events
  • Simple Streamlined Process
  • Improved Worker Morale
  • Up to 26X ROI + Happier, Productive, Retained Employees

Seeking community partners who offer experiences for students, families, and workers that help our community live, learn, and grow. 

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