Promote virtual College Tours for Virtual Campus Visit Month April 1-30, 2021.

Because it is difficult for students to visit colleges like they did before COVID, here are a few ideas about how to connect virtually during the Virtual Campus Tour Program

Save Time and Incorporate Clips from Faculty Lectures and Industry Partners

  • The best selling point of any major is the Faculty. Take clips from lectures and create a video montage of the greatest hits using the Horizontal Industry Framework (HIF).
  • Creating only 6 clips, using HIF, instead of by faculty department, means several departments can use the content and the HIF helps undecided students find career clusters of interest making the career pathway decision process easier.
  • Share recruitment videos from industry partners and integrate voices of Alumni
  • Be creative with current content and package it so there is a connection between work and learn. It might seem apparent to you, but don’t assume.
  • Salary is not the only reason to choose a career, focus on other benefits, too

What to Include in Live Campus Events

  • Talk about future work, include Faculty research
  • Talk about the companies that participate in capstone projects (Make video of current students presenting to share)
  • Show the strength of campus networks through clubs and organizations.
  • Illustrate the beauty of the campus and give virtual tours including student life.
  • It may not be possible for students to see how everything works, but you can explain what they need to know. Remember to include adult learning services like childcare and commuter student programs.
  • Leave time for questions during your session
  • Use to add insights directly to your profile stream for students, to read even if they didn’t attend your session.
  • Create a Hashtag  for your learning experiences, throughout the year, so students can follow hashtags on Tiolita. Remember the HIF when communicating with prospective students.

    Post Virtual Office Hours 

    • Work with your Faculty and TAs to post office hours in each event listing in Edu-Advisor.
    • Include Career Office, Student Government, Clubs, Alumni, Admissions, and others in the office hours schedule so they can follow and contribute to the conversation.
    • Ensure engagement with the Tiolita learning community and a 4% increase in prospects applying for admission by having an organized schedule.
    • Use Hashtags to increase engagement on Tiolita.

    What are Office Hours?

    Post the dates and times that you will be available to chat on Social media for jobs, education and growth opportunities.  Dream2Career is working with schools and workforce groups who have prospective students tuning in on Tiolita for various work-learn events throughout the year. Students can chat with you directly and others can follow your hashtag.

    Here is a list of questions you might want to answer on your Profile:

    1. Assign college representatives to each of the six HIF Clusters and join the corresponding Tiolita Group
    2. Talk about the degree programs in each cluster that offer the greatest opportunity for success.
    3. Given the state of the world, how has the college experience changed?
    4. What opportunities are emerging for each HIF cluster?
    5. What do you think will happen in the future world of work?
    6. Can you recommend schools, associations, programs, events, or networks that prospective students, in each HIF Cluster, should know about?

    The time commitment would be minimal, but the reward of helping students see pathways to success could not be understated.

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