Dream2Career, LLC works with small and medium-sized businesses to build site-based learning programs and manage educational benefits. Our solutions create a sense of community that increases innovation and diversity of thought for socially responsible businesses that want to build the workforce of tomorrow.

Show a return on advertising spend with incremental community engagement.

Workforce Holiday Event Promotion Find more opportunities to reach leads using our communication schedule incorporating  national workforce holidays.  

Tiolita is a secure social media platform that connects workforce, education, and growth opportunities. 

Edu-Advisor is an event management and blog curation platform which highlights learning experiences using the Horizontal Industry Framework.


Inspire student engagement and learning that extends beyond the classroom


Access professional connections, industry trends, recommendations, and workforce experiences


Identify career-readiness solutions and career pathways that work for each student

Tiolita aids career-readiness platforms by providing qualitative student data, social listening, and curated streams making career learning on-ramps more visible, engaging, and responsive to student and educator needs.
Kathleen Houlihan
CEO & Founder Dream2Career