National Job Shadowing Week tips for virtual videos Host office Hours

Because it is difficult for students to engage with businesses like they did before COVID, here are a few ideas about how to connect virtually during National Job Shadowing Week March 21-27, 2021

Save Time and Incorporate Current or Canned Employee Recruitment Videos

  • Increase traffic to current HR content by adding relevant page links to your Edu-Advisor event listing
  • Share recruitment videos, recommend schools or training programs that train employees that way you like
  • Be creative with current content and make a difference for students across the nation

What to Include in a Job Shadowing Video or Live Event

  • Describe your future workforce needs, recommend schools and entry skills requirements
  • Discuss employee benefits, entry-level salaries, and why students might want to work with your organization.
  • Give a virtual tour to see a day in the life.
  • It may not be possible for students to see how everything works, but you can explain what they need to know
  • Leave time for questions during your session
  • Use to add insights directly to your profile stream for students to read even if they didn’t attend your session.
  • Create a Hashtag for your event-students can follow hashtags on Tiolita

    Post Virtual Office Hours During National Job Shadowing Week

    • Post office hours in your Edu-Advisor event listing.
    • Create a Hashtag which will be used on the platform.

    Post the dates and times that you will be available to chat on our career social media feed, with students, educators, and displaced workers. Dream2Career is working with schools who will have students tuning in on Tiolita that week. Students can chat with you directly and others can follow your hashtag.

    Here is a list of questions you might want to answer on your feed:

    1. Select a Career Cluster that defines your work
    2. What do you think contributed to your success?
    3. Given the state of the world, how has your industry changed?
    4. What do you think will happen in the future with jobs in your industry?
    5. Do you see any emerging opportunities for your industry? Where will the jobs be?
    6. For your industry, can you recommend schools, associations, programs, events, or networks that students should know about?

    The time commitment would be minimal, but the reward of helping students see pathways to success could not be understated.

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