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  • Included Recurring Events
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  • Listing Partner Sites
  • Registration No Participant Fee for Free Events
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Cut through the noise and reach students, veterans, and career seekers in a new way

Post, Register, & Manage Career Exploration Events

Manage event registrations, easy one-click cancel & notify, one post recurring events. Promote Camps, Career Fairs, Job Shadowing, Skills Competitions, Hackathons, Career or College Prep, Museum Tours, Lectures, Webinars, Tutoring, Exam Prep, Gaming, Podcasts, Scavenger Hunts or Other Learning Events.

Post, Register, & Manage Information Sessions

Manage information session registrations, easy one-click cancel & notify, one post recurring sessions. Promote Incubators, Certificates, Badges, Internships, Apprenticeships, Associates, Bachelors, Travel Experiences, Career Coaching, Mentorship, Scholarships, On-The-Job Training, Franchising, Succession Planning and Other Pathway Information Sessions.

Event Management Features

Post Recurring Events

For one low price, programs and events that are offered multiple times per year can be posted at once with our daily, monthly, or yearly recurring feature.

Ticketing Options

Dream2Career does not collect fees from attendees for free or donation-based events or programs. OPTION 1: Use your own website to collect and register attendees at no cost to your customers. OPTION 2: Use Edu-Advisor to register and manage attendees D2C collects 1% in addition to standard transaction fees from your attendees.

Award Consideration

Dream2Career offers career-readiness awards and recognition to leaders in the work-learn space.

Access Educator Network

Dream2Career connects programs and events among those working to enhance the future world of work. We expand access and help to affiliate community-based learning experience initiatives.

Organizer Dashboard

Track the effectiveness of your marketing to use for future events. Track revenue, attendee location, sales by ticket type and more.

SEO Optimized

Your learning experiences will get noticed by all search engines because our site is optimized fully for it. Major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing will find your events and programs. More importantly, we have boots-on-the-ground career advisers, who work with local schools across that nation who help to bring Edu-Advisor and your events & programs to communities in the most effective ways.

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