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Microsoft AI Training

Businesses struggle to find skilled talent to fill positions in emerging industries. For this reason, industry leaders are building educational programs that teach students, a.k.a prospective employees, what will be required to fill jobs of the future.

Innovative companies are in critical need of individuals who can develop and implement Artificial Intelligence (AI) into their workflow. Mainly out of necessity, Microsoft launched an AI Business School that is focused on developing responsible AI. This training helps business leaders integrate AI’s powerful technologies, aligning with company cultures, in ethically responsible ways.

It is critical that AI systems are developed and implemented by ethical and diverse leaders to ensure that the outcomes of the technology integration are fair and just. As these systems are being built, human biases can significantly impact the business and the communities that they serve. For this reason, James Manyika, Jake Silberg and Brittany Preston of the Harvard Business Review recommend making equality awareness an urgent priority in all AI development. Microsoft understands these challenges, better than most, and ultimately developed the curriculum needed to fill this skills gap in a way that minimizes this growing technological concern.

In addition to businesses having subject matter experts to develop curriculum, it also makes economic sense for businesses to jump into the training business, especially for emerging technologies. Building academic solutions works well for the businesses that have the resources because the business will get talent trained to their specifications and their culture. But it also positively impacts smaller businesses because the graduates, not hired by Microsoft, can share the knowledge they gained with other businesses who choose to employ them. This innovative learning pathway serves Microsoft, but it also helps other businesses and communities to thrive by integrating responsible AI solutions.


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