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Pass the Torch and Deliver Social Change to Your Community

Post the career opportunity for young people to open a franchise or become a “successor”. These entrepreneurial opportunities are seldom thought of in a student’s decision set when considering career development.  Find someone who is truly interested in operating your business.

How does it work?

Schools use Edu-Advisor to learn about career-readiness programs. We share information with local educators, students, and career seekers in a transformative way so that those students who have the most interest discover and engage with your learning experiences. We save businesses time and money by making community outreach projects significantly more effective.

Promote Franchising or “Successor” Understudy Opportunities in Edu-Advisor: $80/year (Does not Include Recurring Dates)


Are you ready to retire or are you looking for a person to take over the business? Promote succession planning opportunities here. Dream2Career creates an engagement portal to established businesses and introduces students so these options are part of the decision set when choosing a career pathway.

We help students find on-ramps to careers by giving them access to unique and emerging pathways.

$80.00/year (Does not Include Recurring Dates)

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