Host a Virtual Event for National Job Shadowing Week March 21-27, 2021


Host a Virtual Event for National Job Shadowing Week March 21-27, 2021

Share inspiring insights about your business and let’s emerge from the COVID-19 crisis with promise and purpose.

Gain the ability to inspire and educate prospective employees about your company.  Your presentation of videos and weblinks will help interested prospects adequately prepare for vacant positions and emerging careers with your organization.

How does it work?

Set your company apart and enhance your recruitment efforts by participating in National Job Shadowing Week. Dream2Career uses HIF formatted digital platforms, Edu-Advisor and Tiolita, to curate and promote learning experiences for students and displaced workers.

Participation Tips and Marketing Strategy

Price: $150 / year

*Introductory Offer Included…Post updates to your listing FREE for the entire year. Update your listing when you have recruitment fairs, information sessions, internships, etc. 


  • Specialized event promotions leading up to National Job Shadowing Week
  • Edu-Advisor event management dashboard, featured listing, student registration, alerts, cross-promotion, export capability, integrations
  • Secure social media event promotion and engagement using Tiolita
  • Specialized program release directly to schools and workforce groups across the nation (Share Your Hashtag).

Target Reach:  20,000+ students and displaced workers


Host Experiences that Inspire

Host students, veterans, minorities, career-seekers of any kind. Describe what attendees might see and learn. (Sample Content).
 Edu-Advisor is Dream2Career’s event management platform built on the Horizontal Industry Framework that helps students and displaced workers find on-ramps to dream careers.


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