Post Lectures, Webinars, Presentations


Post Work-Related Lectures, Webinars, and Presentations

Speak directly to students about finding and preparing for jobs in your industry. Connect with your local educational community in a unique and engaging way.  Post lectures that are planned at your facility or convey an interest in lecturing to schools about career pathways. 

How does it work?

Schools use Edu-Advisor to learn about career-readiness programs. We share information with local educators, students, and career seekers in a transformative way so that those students who have the most interest discover and engage with your learning experiences. We save businesses time and money by making community outreach projects significantly more effective.

Post Lectures, Webinars, or Presentations in Edu-Advisor– $30 


Speak directly to students and career seekers about how to find and prepare for sustainable careers. Connect with your community and promote your organization’s socially responsible solutions.

Dream2Career’s new Edu-Advisor helps students find out about the best educational events.


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