HIF Strategic Marketing Certification


Virtual workshop for marketing and recruitment specialists:

    You will learn to use the Horizontal Industry Framework to find new customer funnels that produce significantly more qualified leads than any other recruitment or sales mechanism.  Identify differences in education, personalities, skill sets, experiences, and knowledge bases to bring about innovation and conversions.  Learn how to have more fun on the job while being 50% more effective.
    Our workshop is designed to help you:
    • Generate and convert leads using the Horizonal Industry Framework.
    • Learn how to build relationships that will inspire and delight and give meaning to every engagement.
    • Identify thought partners, programs, and events that match departmental goals and objectives.
    $150 per attendee


    • Lead generation strategy and relationship building communications using the HIF.
    • Learn how to convert traffic with Edu-Advisor and Tiolita.
    • Design and implement a COVID-busting recruitment strategy.

    Marketers will complete 3 contact hours.

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