Register for Job Shadowing Week


Register for National Job Shadowing Week March 22-28

Participate in National Job Shadowing Week March 22-28, 2020. Post information about job shadowing including the days and times in March that work best for your business (Sample Agenda). We reach students, parents, and educators who will benefit most from your industry expertise and who want to be part of your future workforce.

How does it work?

Schools use Dream2Career’s educational tool called  Edu-Advisor to learn about career-readiness programs.  We save businesses time and money by making the hiring process significantly faster, more effective, and more local.

Participate in National Job Shadowing Week-$50

What is Edu-Advisor?



Dream2Career is working with national media outlets to promote National Job Shadowing week in schools and communities across that nation.  Find best-fit employees as observers learn and then complete the steps that you recommend regarding future employment. Post career exploration and job shadowing opportunities. Share the days and times for on-site visits. Dream2Career organizes and promotes this content directly to students, educators, and job-seekers in your community.

Price: $30

Package Type: Recurring

Listing duration: Up to 12 Months




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