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Post Degree Programs By Industry

Create a new admission funnel that is based on a student’s career interests. Reach prospective students who are not part of the typical name lists that schools obtain. Our process focuses on matching students career interests with programs that will get them trained for each position. It looks at the students’ needs and then matches them with the best local training options available. When a program is listed with,  it is considered as part of the decision set for these selective career-seekers.


How does it work?

Schools use Edu-Advisor to learn about career-readiness programs. We share information with local educators, students, and career seekers in a transformative way so that those students who have the most interest discover and engage with your learning experiences. We save programs time and money by making community outreach significantly more effective.

Post Workforce-Related Degrees in Edu-Advisor – $80 per year (Does not Include Recurring Dates)


Post academic programs that lead to jobs and align with the future of work. We help students find training on-ramps to emerging and high demand careers.

$80.00/year (Does not Include Recurring Dates)

 1 year



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