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Post Industry-Specific Associate Degrees 

Associates Degree programs can be posted based on industry-focused majors. Learners who are unfamiliar with your institution can find out about your work-related curriculum by using this educational tool. Dream2Career helps students and job-seekers find quality programs that lead to sustainable careers.

How does it work?

Schools use Edu-Advisor to learn about career-readiness programs. We share information with local educators, students, and career seekers in a transformative way so that those students who have the most interest discover and engage with your learning experiences. We save schools time and money by making community outreach significantly more effective.

Post a Work-Related Associates Degree in Edu-Advisor – $80 per year (Does not Include Recurring Dates)


Associates Degrees offered in collaboration with specific businesses or industry leaders, need to be promoted through community outreach. Degrees listed with Dream2Career reach your local community in a unique and effective way–based on the student’s interests.

We help students and job seekers find on-ramps to the best work-learn information.

$80.00/year (Does not Include Recurring Dates)

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