Horizontal Industry Framework Leadership Certification

Create Learning Communities and Build the Workforce of Tomorrow

Certification Overview

The Horizontal Industry Framework (HIF) allows schools, businesses, and workforce groups to develop policy, purpose, funding, and curriculum supporting learning and innovation that will help communities recover emotionally and financially from the destruction caused by COVID-19. With the right skills and workforce strategy provided by the HIF Leadership Certification, organizations can enhance their strategic position and help communities thrive.

The HIF Certification is designed to help:

  • Identify thought partners, programs, events, and funding that match strategic planning initiatives.
  • Create a culture of learning and a sense of belonging for all employees.
  • Innovate in exciting ways that provide new revenue streams. 
  • Build the workforce of tomorrow.

After the 5 hour course, attendees will leave with:

  • Specific strategies that will challenge, inspire, and promote growth opportunities among strategic partners.
  • A clear understanding of the Horizonal Industry Framework and how it can be leveraged to build stronger communities.
  • An increased capacity to leverage an innovative and diverse workforce team.
  • Access to resources and tools that promote learning events and experiences
  • Certificate of professional development contact hours: HIF Leadership Certification

The HIF Workshop is:

  • Facilitated by work-learn strategy consultant, Dr. Kathleen Houlihan.
  • Focused on helping executives and HR Leaders improve employee engagement and participation in company culture and innovation.
  • Tailor made to focus on strategic community development
  • Designed to create synergies between workforce and education for networking, innovation, funding, and policy development.