Workshop Overview
The best counselors and educators impact students’ development for years beyond their K12 encounters. With the right educational tools and the Horizontal Industry Framework, educators and counselors can enhance their career-readiness practices so that every student has access to learning on-ramps that meet ESSA requirements and match students to experiences allowing them to reach their aspirational career goals and live their dream life.
Our workshop is designed to help you:
  • update curriculum and expand the STEM framework to all courses (core, special, AP, and electives).
  • identify thought partners, programs, and events that match course objectives and learning outcomes
  • comply with ESSA requirements and align experiences with students interests.  
After the 3-hour COVID friendly digital experience, you will leave with:
  • a clear understanding of the Horizontal Industry Framework
  • increased capacity to promote innovative, diverse, and career-ready instructional practices across the curriculum
  • specific strategies that will inspire student engagement
  • access to free resources and tools that you can use right away in the classroom
  • certificate of professional development contact hours: Certified HIF Ambassador
The HIF Workshop is:
  • adaptable to curriculum at all levels and it meets state career readiness requirements. 
  • able to expand the benefits of STEM to all subjects by creating a common language between jobs and education
  • focused on improving class participation and interest in jobs of the future.
  • designed to create synergies between workforce and education for networking, innovation, funding, and policy development
  • facilitated by educators for educators

This virtual workshop designed for curriculum specialists, educators, and counselors:

Educators will complete 3 contact hours.

$150 per attendee (20% Certified= HIF Certified School)

$1400 per institution up to 25 attendees Contact Us to Register 

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