Our Services:

  1. Jobs and Training Affiliate Marketing
  2. Jobs and Training Networking
  3. Jobs and Training Content Marketing

Who We Work With:

 Businesses that want to reach the educational community

D2C adds brand value in the minds of the educational community by creating the buzz about workforce development initiatives. D2C shares content about business-led educational initiatives that help students and educators understand the future world of work. The intention is to build a network that leads students into disciplines that have many employment opportunities.

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Workforce Training Programs and Higher Education

If you offer programs, like badges, certificates, degree programs, internships, incubators, or licencing programs that help STUDENTS GET JOBS, we want to talk to YOU!

We will drive students to your front door with our engaging student-focused content!

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K-12 Programs

Because of ESSA, K-12 schools are required to integrate new career readiness programs and events into their curriculum, making it a great time to think about affiliate marketing. We can help educators quickly find businesses interested in helping to create career focused programs and events. Using D2C’s services, it has never been easier to connect with businesses to create apprenticeships, job shadowing opportunities, find businesses to present lectures, or to sponsor hackathons, competitions, camps and more.

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