The #1 Event Management System for Jobs & Education

Promote and register career-seekers for events and career pathways information sessions.

Promote and Register students, displaced workers, veterans, minorities and educators for career-defining learning experiences like : 

Events: Camps, Career Fairs, Job Shadowing, Skills Competitions, Hackathons, Career or College Prep, Museum Tours, Educational Experiences, Lectures, Webinars, Tutoring, Exam Prep, Gaming, Podcasts, Scavenger Hunts and More

Information Sessions: Incubators, Certificates, Badges, Internships, Apprenticeships, Associates, Bachelors, Travel Experiences, Career Coaching, Mentorship, Scholarships, On-The-Job Training, Franchising, Succession Planning and More

We will drive the best students and career seekers to your career-readiness projects with our matching algorithms and targeted media campaigns.

Edu-Advisor filters information for users based on interests, location and group identification. 

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