Horizontal Industry Framework Diversity Certification

3 Hour Workshop Overview

You will learn to use the Horizontal Industry Framework to show leadership definitively how diversity and inclusion programs impact the bottom line. Learn how differences in education, personalities, skill sets, experiences, and knowledge bases can be optimized to bring about innovation and change in the workplace.
Our workshop is designed to help you:
  • understand how to create a unified culture that is inclusive and forward thinking. 
  • consistently receive an invitation to the table with decision makers and thought leaders so you can integrate diversity and inclusion solutions in the workplace.  
  • identify thought partners, programs, and events that match departmental goals and objectives.
After the 3-hour COVID friendly digital experience, you will leave with:
  • a clear understanding of the Horizontal Industry Framework
  • increased capacity to promote innovative, diverse events and programs
  • specific strategies that will challenge and inspire employee engagement
  • access to free resources and tools that you can use right away to engage with other D&L leaders
  • certificate of professional development contact hours: Certified HIF Diversity Leader
The HIF Workshop is:
  • focused on helping D&I Leaders to improve participation and interest in  diversity programs and events
  • tailor-made to focus on areas of greatest need in each community
  • designed to produce and ROI for diversity programs and to create synergies between workforce and education for networking, innovation, program funding, and policy development
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