Join Champaign-Urbana, IL hiring managers adopting our common employment application process, which provides cost-saving, coordinated, career exposure to attract jobseekers to site-based positions. Not every job can be completed remotely and this community-led collaboration helps companies attract, retain, and inspire workers who reach production goals and add, significantly, to the bottom line. 

Create the workforce pipeline you always wanted! 

  • New Common Application Process
  • Community-led Marketing Strategy
  • Representation at Local Schools and Career Fairs
  • Organized Job Shadow & Career Exposure Events
  • Evidence-based assessments to find best-fit candidates
  • Access to Quality-of-Life Benefits Program
  • 5X ROI + Happier, Productive, Retained Employees

We are weeks away from our Project Launch in Champaign -Urbana, IL.  For Early Access to common employment application project:  Including unlimited job postings, local marketing strategy, and weekly access to best-fit, local jobseekers, click and save

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