Connecting Community Initiatives

Education makes the world a better place because learning inspires innovation

We Help Businesses Affiliate with the Educational Community to Create Global Citizens

Dream2Career shares content about business-infused educational initiatives that help students and educators participate in the future world of work. Using the HIF platforms; Tiolita and Edu-Advisor, and our HIF Communication Schedule, we share on-ramps to learning experiences with students, educators and displaced workers in a very organized and unique way. The Horizontal Industry Framework (HIF) platforms align with Department of Labor and the career clusters identified by the Department of Education creating a common language between workforce and education. 

We Support Workforce Leaders and Educators with Career-Readiness Projects

Because of ESSA, K-12 schools are required to integrate career-readiness programs and events into their curriculum. We help educators with career-readiness reporting and program development resources.

We help educators and students find career-focused resources for learning programs and events. Using the Career Training Network managed by the  National Career-Readiness Association, we create unique learning solutions that inspire student success. 

Access the 2021 Workforce Calendar

We send organized workforce communications using National Workforce Holidays and the HIF. 

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Ignite and inspire tomorrow's workforce, TODAY! Recruit prospective students and displaced works for programs and events. Contact Us for rate information

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Reviews are the best way to boost your reputation. Every month, students, parents, educators, and SMEs review learning experiences using Create a free listing and join this career connections network. Together we can help communities succeed!

Click here to work with Dream2Career, who acts as an intermediary facilitating mutually beneficial work-learn relationships.

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